Celebrate Life – Easily create and share Slideshow videos

Greetings for the Holidays or whatever is occurring in your life right now. Given the season, t’s likely that cameras… digital or phone… will be in high use in the next week or two.  Will you be one comfortably taking photos or doing videos?

This post is an OVERVIEW of different ways of creating videos for easy connection with those whom you care about and/or for simple relaxation.

There are links to playlists I’ve created on YouTube for you. There is also an opportunity to request notification for a free group simple video creation overview and Q&A session on what’s covered below.

And, if you are stuck for a gift for a Tech-Challenged person there is a link for a 15 minute exploratory session to see if a gift certificate for private coaching is a fit.There is also a special on Banana Sky DVD, a video slideshow with healing music.

Creating and Sharing Slideshow or Other VideosCandy Cane Lilies in Screenshot videos Playlist Continue reading

How to Use YouTube Transcripts of Videos

An Announcement.
My business will now be focusing on Entrepreneurial Boomers and Seniors. All posts and pages will now be done here on Anyone who goes to will be redirected to the Boomers site.
The information here is NOT age specific so it should not make a difference to any of you. And, it will not affect any of the existing links to which you may be going. They all still work.
Now moving on to the main intention of this post… 
A Fun Video and YouTube Transcripts
Screen Shot - Zoom Virtual BackgroundsMany of the posts on this site have included information and sharing about using to connect with family and friends. I use it frequently to create video tutorials. I got excited this week when I learned that we can now use our own art, or Zoom’s, for backgrounds.  Then in experimenting with it I was disappointed to learn that my computer does not have a strong enough processor.

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How to Manage Safari Windows on your iPad and iPhone

I was recently asked how to manage Safari windows on an iPad. Given the respondent was anonymous, I could not reply to her directly, so I did a video.

What you will see first in the video is my tapping on the Safari icon on my iPad. Safari opens to the last window/last screen I was on. Continue reading

Facebook Timeline Review – Pre-Approving Tagged Posts

Tags on Facebook timeline review - http://technologyforboomers.comFacebook Users: Are there ever times you find posts on your Timeline that you wish weren’t there? They were placed there because one of your Friends tagged you.

If you are tagged by someone who is not a Friend, Facebook will automatically notify you and give you the option for including it or not. You do also have the option to review Friends’ posts in which you are tagged and decide if you want them on your Timeline. Continue reading

Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad and iPhone – Android too

Do you find yourself regularly typing certain addresses, phrases and the like? on your computer or any of the other mobile devices?

Recently when working with an 81 year old client on her iPad I remembered the possibility of using Keyboard Shortcuts. Shirley, my client, had never learned to type. How much easier it would be if she could simply type in few letters that, when you type, will instantly type in the whole statement, email address, anything you choose.

For instance typing “sas” now brings up her email address! After setting her up, I went back to my own devices and made easier-to-remember shortcuts for myself to replace those I had not been using.

The following instructions demo the iPad/iPhone shortcuts.  Click or tap on Android Shortcuts for other devices.

Back to iPad/iPhone Settings.  As an example, by default Apple includes “omw” which will bring up “On my Way!”

To create your own, go to: Settings > General > Keyboard


Text Replacement 

ImageTap + [plus sign – upper right]

Then enter the PHRASE you want [I use this mainly for my various email addresses and URLs to which I refer] and

then type in a SHORTCUT – the easy-to-remember letters and/or symbols you choose. Note “hb” in the image above. It has the full birthday message I commonly use on Facebook and in emails and messages.
ImageKeep the shortcuts simple so you can easily remember what you chose. It’s not the same “secrecy” as needed for passwords which you don’t want other people to have. This is simply between you and your phone or iPad.

The shortcuts/letters and symbols will be picked up in any program in which you type on your iPhone or iPad. Simply type in your shortcut and the full phrase will appear. Tap “Return” for it to enter the space you wish.


I was also reminded that a couple of years ago this feature/benefit was pointed out as possible for computers too.  I never got into the practice and will soon Google for instructions and start implementing that also.

Please add your comments in the REPLY section below.  Are you using shortcuts? If so how… for what most commonly used activities?

How Mobile Devices Strengthen Relationships between Grandparents and Relatives

[Editor’s Note:  The following is a guest post, journalist and mother of a young child, which is what appealed to me when the writer approached me with the wish to share with you.]
Ryan Shows Apartment on Zoom Visit

With the many useful features SmartPhones now possess, even technophobes, most notably seniors citizens, are now joining the craze with many buying their own mobile devices. In Older Adults and Technology Use, a report presented by the Pew Research Center, it revealed that 77 percent of seniors were willing to adopt the technology so long as someone would help walk through the various processes. Although SmartPhones are sold today as a great tool in tracking health with their built-in sensors, new cellphones are also a great tool in strengthening the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Continue reading

How to Search for a Word or Phrase on a Web Page on the iPad and iPhone –

In the past I’ve done several posts here on various keyboard shortcuts. You can find them by doing a search or click on  SHORTCUTS here to get a page with links to posts on this blog.

One of the most useful shortcuts is one I rarely remembered until recently.  That is “Find” – Control>f (on Windows); Command>f on the Mac the easy way to search for a word or phrase on a web page, in a Word document and/or even in an email post.

Since so many people are using iPads, I went on a search to see if individual web pages could also be searched for specific words or phrases when using the iPad. I was excited to learn that, in fact, Safari web pages do have a search function within them.

Following is what I discovered (from the Tutorial that I plan to include in my upcoming book with Interviews with Seniors Using iPads):

How to Search a Web Page on the iPad –

Open the web page on which you want to do a search for a word or phrase. In the example below I had

Safari URL highlighted - Instructions STEPS:
1 – Tap the URL to highlight it. You may need to do a “select all” and “cut.”

2 – Then type your search word or phrase in that space. For this example I typed “recording.”

3 – The search gives options to go to various web pages AND as you go down the page you’ll see an “On This Page” option, with “Find “[your search word or phrase]”. To the right you will see either “no matches” or the number of matches.

Word Find Results on this Page in Safari4 – Simply tap on “Find….” and you will be back on the page with all of the words or phrases for which you searched highlighted.

Search for a Word on a Web Pagein Safari on iPad 5 – Note: At the bottom of the page, on the left, there are brackets, < >, and a notation on the number of matches found. You can either scroll down the page to look for other highlight OR tap a “move right” or “move left” symbol to be take to the next or previous word or phrase.

6 – Note also: In the box on the right the word or phrase for which you searched is in a search box. You can “x” out the work for which you searched and add a new one to continue your search on the page.

Continuing from here, I then checked my iPhone to see if, and how, we can do a search on individual web pages on the iPhone. What I found, follows:

How to do a Word Search on a Safari Web Page on the iPhone
Instructions are very similar to those for the iPad. The main difference is that there is not the added search option once you are back on the page.


Safari Web Page on iPhone with Word Search Matches










1 – Go to the web page. For this example I am on a page on, another of my websites.

2 – Highlight the URL at the top of the page and “cut” it.

3 – Then type in your search word or phrase. I used “treasure” for this page.

4 – The first results you will see are for web pages with that term or phrase. Do NOT tap “Return”. It will take you to the search for various sites.

5 – Move down to the “On This Page”. Tap on that which brings you back to the original page from which you started.

6 – Again, your searched for word or term is highlighted. Use the “move” symbols at the left on the bottom of the page to navigate through.

7 – Tapping on “Done” will remove all of the highlights.

8 – If you want to search for something else on the page, repeat the above process.


NOTE: To be inspired, learn how 30 seniors (from 67 to 101 years old) are using iPads or other electronic devices in my Amazon Kindle book REAL SENIORS USING IPADS. To read the 20 plus 5 Star reviews and see inside the book, click or tap on REAL SENIORS USING IPADS

Your comments and experiences are always welcome in the “Leave a Reply…..” section below.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Managing Gmail

A few months ago I was having some hand and arm pain on my right side. Working with the mouse in particular was a strain.  It was only after a few days that I remembered,  “Sheila, there are mail shortcuts you can be using to open, reply and send mail. You even have written about them!! Check your site if you’ve forgotten!”
Since they vary slightly between mail on PC and Mac, rather than detail them here, I refer you to an earlier post here on the blog.
To update – Since so many are now using Gmail, I went on a search to see if there are keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.  And so there are!!!Instructions follow:

First you need to enable Keyboard shortcuts in the Settings.

To do that go to the gear in the upper right and click on it for the drop down settings. Click on the settings link and scroll down the page that opens until you get to the Keyboard shortcuts choices.

When done, be sure to click the Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

Once enabled a few of the email shortcuts you are most likely to use are:

  • c : compose new message
  • r : reply
  • a : reply all
  • f : forward
  • Shift + r : reply in new window
  • Shift + a : reply all in new window
  • Shift + f : forward in a new window

You can find more in-depth details on Googles gmail help page

Finally, for this email, if you are not familiar with them all, or as a reminder, the most commonly used Keyboard Shortcuts, when working in mail or any other documents, are:

Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, UndoRedo (the Undo – seemingly only in Word), and Find.  I love when I remember to use “Find” for word search in a document as well as on web pages. It’s certainly a lot more efficient than scrolling through a page doing an “eyeball” search.
You can see the commands in my post – 7 Keyboard Shortcuts. Not on that page is the one for highlighting ALL of the content in a document, in an email or on a web page. Be sure to place your mouse in the area you want highlighted; then click Control or Command>a.

Duck Duck Go for Web Search and Link Shortening, plus Using Evernote Web Clipper

I was recently reminded of Duck Duck Go, the search engine that does not “cookie”, track or keep records of your searches. I suggest you check out, especially if you don’t like seeing ads for things related to products and services for which you may have searched.

In the images below, note the nice clean appearance… the difference in looks between a page showing results of a Google search compared with a DuckDuckGo search.

image of a page with a search on GoogleImage of a search page on DuckDuckGo

Go beyond appearances – As I was completing a Quick Tech tip mailing, I double checked Evernote in my computer for notes I had tagged with Duck Duck Go.  And I found a page that lists 12 Things DuckDuckGo Can Do that Google Can’t presented by NDTV Gadgets .

Shorten URLs while search on DuckDuckGo

One thing that popped out for me was #3 on the list… a way to shorten URLs (web addresses). By putting in the long page link in the search box, starting with “shorten http: [and the rest of the long link]”, I got the following shortened URL – which will bring you to the “12 Things” post.  How cool is that!

NOTE: I also mentioned above how easy it was to go to Evernote in my computer to find the site with the now-shortened URL I’ve given you. Below is an image of the note as I found it.  At the time I was on the above-shown page, I used Evernote’s Web Clipper to “clip” it to have for future reference in my computer, iPad and iPhone. In the screen shot below, you see the result of the now- clipped page in a note in my Evernote.

Web page in Evernote saved with Web ClipperYou can see in the image where I did the search for the note; where tags show up that I had labeled at the time of clipping; and a listing, on the left of the notes that came up when I did the search for “Duck Duck Go” in my Evernote. And, I was delighted to see that the live link to DuckDuckGo actually stayed with the clipped page.

To learn more about what is available when using Evernote, click on Kickstart Guide to Using Evernote for a listing of the contents – PDFs and Videos – and a special offer.

As always, your comments are welcome. To do so, click on the “Leave a reply …” link below or email me at

How to Easily Save Voice Recordings and Photos using Evernote

Today, were he still alive, my beloved, late-husband Sam and I would have been celebrating 54 wonderful years. Thus, in today’s tutorial, I am including a photo of us celebrating our 45th anniversary at a surprise party that our children and grandchidren gave for us.

I’m blessed to have beautiful written messages from Sam over the years AND one of the things I MISS, is something I could easily have had… HIS VOICE.  For demo purposes, the screen shot below is a note  I created that looks like one I could have made while he was alive.

All-in-One Note - Recording and Photo in EvernoteWhile  Sam was still alive I was doing recorded seminars. I could have used that same technology and recorded interviews or simple fun conversations with him. Today it’s even easier with the smart phones we have, as well as many other options.  One of them is EVERNOTE. It’s a simple FREE downloadable application that I love for many reasons. Follow the images above and below and you’ll see why.

In the image you can see the steps and how simple it is to click on the Microphone icon, a RECORD button (not showing in photo) appears. Click on that and simply record a conversation if you are together, or a phone conversation with a speaker phone. As it’s recording you can type notes and attach documents or photos.

In the image above, you’ll see the Paper Clip for attachments.  On the computer click on that to search your computer for the photo or photos you wish to attach.

On the iPad it is a camera icon. You can take a photograph as you’re creating the note or you can add a photo or photos from your Photo collections on your iPad.

NEXT SCENARIO – Even simpler use –

Have you ever heard of someone’s saving phone messages on their answering services  or machines that they thought was special. Sometimes it’s a message from someone talking before he or she passed away. How long can you save this and be sure it doesn’t get erased?  Not to worry.

If you have a phone or handset that has a speaker, you can simply open a note in Evernote, hit the Microphone icon, then record and capture the message.

phonemessage-shelllieI did this today with a message my friend Shellie left on my answer call a couple of months ago.

In commenting on a photo I had posted, Shellie spoke highly about my appearance, my “glow and energy” and positive changes over the years, especially since I dental work done. I felt a lift in my spirits when listening to it, so I wanted to keep it.  It was getting challenging to have to listen to it, and other messages playing, before I could hear new ones.

Now that put it in Evernote it is finally deleted from my phone.  And whenever I need a boost, having synchronized it to all three, I can simply listen to it on my computer, iPad or iMac and even on the web.  If you click on the image and you, too, can hear it on the web.

If you are one who likes to learn all the aspects and advantages of a program, I do have a Kickstart Guide to Evernote available with an special $20 savings for readers of this post. Click on EVERNOTE GUIDE.

And if you appreciate someone working with you as you learn and answering questions, I have a cost effective one-on-one coaching program. We can do one session, four or eight on any of your electronic device questions. Click on COACHING for more information.

Your comments are welcome in the REPLY box below.  Are you a “Memory-Keeper?”  If so, what do you do?  Is there someone special you would like to honor here?