Sheila Finkelstein

This site is being set up to serve those Boomers who need help with technology… the modern devices and social media…

It might particularly appeal to you who are reluctant to ask your peers for help. I’ve been told that Boomers definitely want things EASY.

In video sessions, I am able to share my computer screen and/or on my iPhone/iPad demonstrate, showing basics as I answer questions. After helping one client with setting up an added email account on his iPhone and pointing out other important points, he wrote:

“Thank you so much for making my technology needs so easy! I very much enjoyed the video session to solve my problems and it was fun as well. As a “boomer” I really appreciate this service and highly recommend it to make tech life easier. It really works! Thanks again! Timothy Look, http://lifestylesflooring.com

I do have a parallel site – TechnologyforSeniorsMadeEasy.com and what I’ve found is that though people of all ages have been getting help from it, there are people who think it’s for seniors only.

It is my mission to simplify and make it easy for people of all ages to be and stay connected.  Not wanting the possible barrier of generation labeling to stand in the way, I’ve set up this site.

While this site,  Technology for Boomers Made Easy is being established, I invite you to quietly wander over to Technology for Seniors Made Easy for answers to questions you may have.

For information contact me, Sheila Finkelstein at easyboomertechnology@gmail.com