Facebook Users: Are there ever times you find posts on your Timeline that you wish weren’t there? They were placed there because one of your Friends tagged you.

If you are tagged by someone who is not a Friend, Facebook will automatically notify you and give you the option for including it or not. You do also have the option to review Friends’ posts in which you are tagged and decide if you want them on your Timeline.

TIMELINE REVIEW MANAGEMENT – On your Computer -Following is a Screen Shot of the Instructions that are in Facebook’s Help Center on the computer:Screen shot - Facebook Timeline Review Instructions

1 – Select Settings at the top right of your Facebook page. It’s in the dropdown menu the comes up when you click on the tiny triangle, last icon on right.

2 – Click on Timeline and Tagging in the left column.

3 – then look for “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline? and click Edit…”  4 above says to select Enabled… I don’t see “Enable”. I simply did “Edit”, then “Close.”
timeline and tagging selection settings in Facebook

You will see several other options of which you might like to take advantage.

(Although not exactly the same, I’m told that the similarity is enough for Android users to be able to follow along and choose the options they would like. )

Facebook Help Menu in iPhoneSettings and Help Center Menu in Facebook on iPhone







The instructions from the Facebook Help Center on the iPhone/iPad direct you to the 3 parallel lines, the “More”, at the bottom right of any page.

To get to Settings and Help, swipe down to the very bottom of the page with the long list that opens.

The Help Center is found when you tap on Help and Support [in the second image]. It’s here that I went to find the instructions for turning on Timeline Review on the iPhone.

For Timeline Review, tap on the Settings option; then on Account Settings; and finally on Timeline and Tagging in the list that opens.

Facebook Account Settings in iPhone

Facebook Settings List in the iPhone/iPad








Under “Who can add things to my timeline?” select “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” and tap ON.

Facebook - Turn on Review posts friends tag you in

On this Settings page you can also choose who can see your posts and how you can manage tags.

Make note of these directions, or bookmark this page so you can come back in the future if you need to remind yourself where to find and manage various other Facebook settings and activities.

This is where you can choose how you want to receive Notifications and what Notifications you do get, including Birthdays.

Sheila Finkelstein photoNOTE: This first blog post on Technology for Boomers Made Easy is in response to someone I met who accesses Facebook on her phone only and had no idea she could control what goes on her Timeline.  Although I use Facebook mainly on my iPad or iPhone, I usually manage it on my computer. Discovery the “How” on my iPhone was a pleasant adventure for me.

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