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Greetings for the Holidays or whatever is occurring in your life right now. Given the season, t’s likely that cameras… digital or phone… will be in high use in the next week or two.  Will you be one comfortably taking photos or doing videos?

This post is an OVERVIEW of different ways of creating videos for easy connection with those whom you care about and/or for simple relaxation.

There are links to playlists I’ve created on YouTube for you. There is also an opportunity to request notification for a free group simple video creation overview and Q&A session on what’s covered below.

And, if you are stuck for a gift for a Tech-Challenged person there is a link for a 15 minute exploratory session to see if a gift certificate for private coaching is a fit.There is also a special on Banana Sky DVD, a video slideshow with healing music.

Creating and Sharing Slideshow or Other VideosCandy Cane Lilies in Screenshot videos Playlist

Family and friends have been celebrating my birthday with me this past week in a variety of ways.  For me the celebration has been continuing as I play with photographing and video recording the changes in buds and flowers in a gift of Candy Cane Lilies from one of my sons and his family.

I’d love for you to have some of the same excitement and appreciation that I’ve been experiencing. First, some questions:

Do you expect to be taking photos of family members? friends? objects? Even if you are not connecting with anyone in-person, food or shapes and textures that catch your eye from nature or your environment can always become a celebration.

Have you used the video feature on a digital camera and/or smart phone or tablet camera? I regularly do videos when I am out walking, especially near water.  I also like to select the video option when someone says something interesting that I’d like to have on video… with their permission of course.


Did you know that even if you have not used the video recording feature on any of your cameras, you can create a video slideshow? You simply select from photos that you’ve taken and uploaded into your computer, or are still in your mobile device, and follow instructions.  In addition to what’s in your devices, there are several free and simple video-maker Apps for the different mobile devices.

On a Mac slideshows can be created in the PHOTOS program; on a PC by using Windows Media.  Instructions are easy to follow directly as you work on the computer or from various YouTube instructional videos.  You can also add music so that you can appreciate them further, perhaps find relaxation as you watch.

And by easily uploading to YouTube or Facebook you can share with others. If you have not yet tried it, those of you on Facebook will discover how simple it is to post videos there now AND very quick. Even Facebook comments are now accepting videos in those spaces.

I’ve created many Video Slideshows on my iMac computer. [See end of email – re Banana Sky DVD.]

In preparing for this article, I created a slide show video using the  iMovie app on my iPhone. I’ve had the App downloaded for ages and always thought it was too complicated for me to bother with.

Then, in working with it for this post, I discovered it was so simple!! I used iMovie to assemble sunset cloud photos.  There was even a choice of music which I decided to change once I uploaded it to YouTube. See Sunset Video.

I’ve also created a Video Playlist for you with 16, or more, videos that are slideshows I’ve done over the years. See Slideshow Videos Playlist 

Screenshot of YouTube Slideshow Videos and Videos with YouTube music

ESPECIALLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS If friends and family are gathering worldwide…

Another type of video recording is one that’s done through Conference Recording programs. If you’ve been a subscriber to Quick Tech Tips for a while you know that I highly recommend gathering with family members and/or friends using Zoom video conferencing services a free program for up to 40 minutes and as many as 50 participants.   Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions Using Zoom is one of my blog posts sharing examples of how I, along with my family, have used it.
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INTERESTED in a follow-up “live” group session on Easy Video Creation, where I can demo some of the above for you? If so, fill in your name and email in the Notify Me form.
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Especially good after the holidays. For de-stressing – BANANA SKY DVD video slide show with healing music. It plays continuously on a TV DVD recorder or on your computer. When I first created it, I found the result so relaxing, I made it available so others could experience it also. See Banana Sky DVD page with preview and testimonials.
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