Copy, Cut, Paste, Redo – Edit Keyboard Shortcut Tips on PCs and Mac Computers

There are many keyboard shortcuts you can use when you are typing and editing a Text or Word document or an email post and want to cut something out, or perhaps copy and place in another document or email.  In this post, I am highlighting the ones I use most frequently.

In another article on Technology for Seniors Made Easy I wrote about how to enlarging and reducing fonts so you can read posts and pages more easily on the web.  In that one we discussed how to use the Control key (on the PC) or Command key (on Mac)  with  the + (plus) or  – (minus) keys.

In the screen shots below you see the ones I most use.  I added the red lines to so you can see them more quickly.

In editing the first thing necessary to do for most of these commands is to highlight that section that you want to work with (cut or copy and place in another form)

Edit Menu on a PC –


Edit Menu on a Mac –

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