Gmail Account Creation for Email

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Several million people worldwide have Gmail (Google mail) accounts. The video above demonstrates how to set a Google account so you, too, can have a Gmail address.

Many people prefer going onto the web to access their email rather than having it come directly into their computers. It certainly makes it easier to access your email from any computer when traveling. You can also easily check it by going to the Internet on any mobile device you may have.

Although you can set up Mail to come into your Smartphone, there are those who prefer going directly to the web. On Technology for Seniors Made Easy we discuss both Gmail and Yahoo mail webmail programs, with set-up and further “how-to’s.”

To Set Up a Gmail account:

1 – Go to on your favorite Web Browser.  I am using Google Chrome in the video above. Type in into the address bar.

2 – Click on Gmail in the black menu bar along the top of the page.

3 – Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT in red – top right

4 – Fill in the spaces in the form that comes up.  Your “User Name” is that which will show up in front of Gmail. It will also be the “user name” that you use to sign into Google for several other services, including uploading videos to YouTube.

In the demo I set up as my user name. “Health and energy” was not available as a Google user name, so I prefaced it with “sheila.”

5 – Before completion, you’re asked to “Verify your account”  to show that you are human, not a robotic machine.

  • You can do this by filling in the “Captcha” symbols, or by
  • If you have texting on a cell phone, you can check the box to receive a confirmation number as a “Text message,”  or
  • You can choose “Phone Call” and you will receive an automated call with the confirmation number to enter.

6 – Enter Verification Code on next page that comes up.

Although at 3:59 on your video toolbar I state that the video was finished, the video does continue for another minute showing you my new Gmail account and the Google welcome mail in it.

Have fun with your new Gmail account, should you opt to go with one. Future videos on this blog will demonstrate composing email, sending, replying, organizing and more in your account.

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