How to Create a BCC – Blind Copy email field in PC and MAC computer mail programs

The following is a followup on  my post on email courtesy.  In this post I am addressing protecting the privacy of people whose addresses are  sent within the body of emails that you may forward. You can eliminate strangers seeing these addresses by using the “BCC, i.e. “Blind Copy” field.

Following is a quick explanation of how to create that BCC field.

Directions below are for the Mail program in my MAC and the Windows Mail program in my PC – Windows Vista program.

In both cases the first thing necessary is to Open a NEW email. Then,

in the MAC Mail program, click on:

1 – View and

2 – Select/check the Cc and Bcc Address Fields.

You’ll note there is now a section for names to be “Blind Copied”.Entering names/e-mail address

1 – Simply start typing the addresses to which you wish to send. Place commas between each email address.

Or, you can:

1 – Click on the Address book symbol in the top section of the email form.

2 – Select the name to whom you wish to address your email. The highlight it.

3 – Click on the symbol for the field you wish to place the name/address – To:  Cc:  Bcc.


1 – Open a New Message

2 – Click on View in the top bar

3 – Select/check All Headers. The Bcc is added to the From: section

Using your PC Address Book to add Names to address fields

1 – Click on Tools  in to top menu bar of your email

2 – Select Select Recipients from your Address Book

3  – Click on the appropriate button of the field in which you want the name entered. Continue select names until you are complete.

4 – Click on OK and the addresses to which you want to email will be filled in, with semi-colons between, in the field where you want then to be.

If you’ve learned anything new here, or have questions, please make note in the comments below. To your having fun while being courteous.

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