How to Create an MP3 Recording Download Link for Your Site or Email

My friend Morgine Jurdan taught a class on “How to Live as Love”.  It was recorded in one of the teleseminar recording programs and she got the download link.  Her question to me was how she could put the MP3 link on her own site, as well as provide it as a download link from there for her visitors.

Although this question goes beyond what would seem to be the scope of newbies for this Technology for Seniors Made Easy site, I do know there are some of you who make MP3 recordings. I’m guessing you would be like to share one or more on a Website and/or through email, if only you knew how.

The first thing you must do is download the recording yourself into your own computer.

mp3-download-to-computer1. Go to the URL where the recording is being held.

2. Right click the link that says “Download.”

3.  “Save Link As” with a short name that you will remember. This will become the extension to the new URL you will ultimately be creating for email,  your website or on Amazon S3, a free storage service.  No website, or special uploading, is required for the latter.

For those of you with websites, the next step is to use your FTP – File Transfer Program – to upload the .mp3 link to your own website.


You will now have a URL that is your domain name/extension.mp3.  In my example above the link I created for my own testing purposes was I made the extension name much longer than necessary.

Morgine, after following the above instructions, named the file download “geniusloving.mp3”  The resultant URL once uploaded to her site became

If you have, or were to create, a free Amazon s3 free storage account, and follow the same downloading/saving process as described above, your link be similar to the one below.  An FTP, file transfer program is not required.

The “techforseniors” is the “bucket” name I created, followed by my named extension for this recording:

Click HERE to play it or Right Click to download, simply for practice.

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