How to Create Google Hangout and Enable it for Instant YouTube Upload

When reading about Google Hangouts, I suddenly picked up on the fact that you can actually have a video of your Hangout sessions go directly to YouTube.  What a time saver that would be! So I took some time this morning to research and experiment on my own.

I was thrilled to see that the videos were already completely uploaded as soon as I stopped broadcasting. You’ll see below I also realized, as I was completing this post, that my video was, evidently, being streamed “live.”

With a little patience and persistence, we, as Seniors, can be on top, and ahead of many others in today’s technological world.

To start your own Hangout for broadcasting and saving:

First sign into Google+ and then
a. click on Hangouts in the lower left column. Then
b. “Start a Hangout,” red link in the upper right of the page that appears.

If this is the first you are reading about Google Plus check my post “How to Sign Up for Google Plus.”

Next you’ll get a window that appears like the partial one below.

Live broadcast from Google Plus Hangout

Steps to take on that page:

  1. Name the Hangout
  2. Check the box “Enable Hangouts on Air”
  3. Enter email addresses of people you want to invite
  4. Agree “Okay, got it” to your Hangouts Using Your YouTube channel.
    (Note – You will already have had to set up a YouTube channel associated with the particular Google account and  address with which you signed in.)
  5. Click on “Hang Out” button

You will then land on the window where you are being videoed, or will be.

Start Broadcast on Google Hangout

Note – You can also
Invite People” from this page, upper left.

When ready to start your public video, simply click on “Start Broadcast,” upper right.

This brings you to a “Broadcasting Publicly” page which asks you to Agree – “OK” – that your Hangout On Air will be broadcast publicly on Google+ and YouTube.

Google Broadcast Publicly Agreement

Once it’s over a recording of the Broadcast will be available for those who missed the broadcast.

Watch Technology for Seniors Made Easy for another video demonstrating this.  In the meantime, here are two of the videos I created today, demonstrating this Video to YouTube process.

How to Broadcast from Google Hangout – Streaming Screen Share

and Showing a 2-person Hangout – Screen Capture of Me (Sheila Finkelstein) on both my Mac and my iPhone.  Remember you can have up to 9 people whose images you will see and an unlimited number of other guests observing and possibly posting questions in “Chat”. (another post and video)

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