How to Manage Safari Windows on your iPad and iPhone

I was recently asked how to manage Safari windows on an iPad. Given the respondent was anonymous, I could not reply to her directly, so I did a video.

What you will see first in the video is my tapping on the Safari icon on my iPad. Safari opens to the last window/last screen I was on.

To see the other open windows, look at the top right corner of the screen showing in the video and you’ll see an icon with two pages. Clicking on that opens all the open windows that you’ve visited. Simply click or tap on the page on which you wish to visit.

As you continue to watch the video you’ll see there are three different ways of closing windows/web pages:
on the tiny tabs on the URL bar, the x’s in the top left of each page, or swiping the individual pages to the left.

If you have Safari synced to the iCloud and you have an iPhone, when you slide down the page you’ll find the links to all of its open pages also.  From here you can also manage the iPhone pages. You can see this at 3:42 on the drag bar timeline.

I also briefly show, in this video, how to SHARE via send to message, email, save as PDF in iBooks and more using the Share icon.

I asked in my ezine mailing that the iPad Tutorial subscriber who presented the challenge, please reply to let me know if this answered the question.

If the question was, rather, accessing other open program windows when on a Safari page, simply tap once on your iPad phone button. Then double tap the home button and all your open programs will appear. Simply swipe to the left to get to the one(s) you want.

If you have any questions, please tap or click on the tiny “Leave a reply” below and post them there.

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