How to Open Web Pages on Your iPhone

Safari is the Internet browser used on your iPhone. To get to the Internet, start from your main screen.

1 – Tap on Safari icon

2 – Your phone will open the last web page opened, or a new one if all have been closed. You can have up to 8 pages open at the same time.

3 – To go to a website that you know, tap in the large white area at the top on the left.  Your keyboard will open. Start typing until you have the URL that you want. Click on Done.

4 – To search the web, tap the white area on the top right.  When the keyboard opens, type in your search word or phrase. Then click done, lower right.

Click on the Arrow to Play the Video

5 – If you wish to keep that page open and visit a new page, simply tap New Page on the lower right.  You can have up to 8 pages open on your iPhone.

6 – To see all of the open pages, tap on the number in the lower right.

7 – To close a web page, simply tap the X in the upper left corner of the page.

Happy searching.

NOTE – Sites mentioned and shown in the above video are: 1. See have to use the links on the Navigation bar to get to the blog. The page with links to the posts is now inactive.

2. which links to several of my sites.

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