How to Send Open, Create and Send Email from a Yahoo Account

Reminder – To See Video full screen, click on four corners, bottom right.  See How to Use Controls on YouTube Videos if you need further reminders.

In a previous post, I showed  for creating a Yahoo account  for email as well as for using Flickr and Yahoo Groups.  See Setting up a Yahoo account.

In the video above, I demonstrate entering and using your new Yahoo email account.

1 – Go to Check mail, upper right.  Note – If you did not sign out when you set up your account it will go right to mail.

2 – Sign in.  Note little check box at the bottom.

Click to stay signed in.  It will go directly to mail any time you enter, or

Uncheck the box if there are multiple users on the same computer and you want your email to be private.

3 – Inbox – will be bold if there is email in it, including in bold the number of unopened emails.

4 – Options for Delete, Spam and others.

5 – Compose email link in upper left.  Write in the form, formatting your text, if you so choose. Click on Send in top blue bar.

6 – To Reply to an email, open it by double-clicking on the subject line.

Then click on the single curved arrow to reply to the sender.

If there were several people to whom the email was addressed, and you would like them to to receive your reply, click on the double arrow for “reply all“.

That’s it. Continued fun and ease in the land of cyber communications.

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