How to Set Ringtones in the iPhone

The iPhone comes preloaded with a wide variety of sounds and rhythms.  Many more can be purchased in the iTunes store.  I am quite happy with the simplicity of what’s already available.

You have your choice of tones for:
1. what’s heard when your phone rings
2. adding distinguishing sounds to various alerts.

Or, you can choose none. Click on the arrow to see a demonstration.

To set the Ringtones:

1. Tap the Settings icon

2. Tap Sounds

3. Select ON or OFF on Vibrate on Ring.  I recommend ON here.

4. Select ON or OFF on Vibrate on Silent

5. The ringtone setting is the one you hear when your phone rings, unless it’s on Vibrate

6. If you wish to have sound alerts when:
receiving text, voicemails, new mail, Tweets, calendar alerts, reminder alerts and when sending mail tap on each and select your favorite tone or select None.

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