How to Set Up a Yahoo Account for Email, Plus other Services

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The Yahoo email addresses are likely to be among the most popular of the ones you are likely to see amongst friends and families. The video above demonstrates how to set up your own Yahoo mail account.

Although I do not regularly use my Yahoo email address, I’ve had one for years.  Creating it gave me a “Yahoo ID” which, in addition to mail, has allowed me to participate in, as well as set up, Yahoo Groups (almost a precursor to Facebook).

It is also the ID used to participate in Flickr, a popular site used by amateurs and professionals for sharing photos. Anyone with a Yahoo ID can set up a Flickr account to upload photos and participate in topical discussion groups.

In future posts, I will be showing you Flickr for organizing and sharing and Yahoo groups for easy, and private, group communication. Now,

How to Set Up a Yahoo Account:

1 – Go to your preferred web browser. I’m using Chrome in the video above.

2 – Type in in the address bar.

3 – Click the Mail envelope – top right

4 – Fill in the blanks on the form that comes up.

5 – Set a password.  Note the green bar on the side as you type. It lets you know the strength of what you entered.  Using symbols, such as &, +, and %, will make it strong.

6 – At the end of the page, select a contact option, should you forget your password so Yahoo can notify you of next steps by text message to your mobile phone if you have one and text, or by email if you have an alternate email address.

7 – Click on Create My Account when complete.

8 – For security, again should you forget your password, there are two “secret questions.”

9 – Fill in the “Captcha” letters.

10 – Click on DONE.

In future posts I will be elaborating on using Yahoo email, as well as on the other services mentioned above.

The first is How to Send Email From Yahoo.

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