How to Share Posts Made on Your Facebook Fan Page

I just received a query from someone with a new Fan Page on Facebook. She was frustrated because she could not Share posts that were made to it by other people.

A quick investigation, which is play for me, came up with the answers.

First, to manage you page select your Page Identity from  the Dropdown menu by clicking on the arrow in the upper right.Facebook Fan Page Identity Then choose the Settings you wish, including the one to allow posts to your page.

Settings for Facebook Pages

Now go back to your Page. Any posts made by others will be appear in the column on the left. Click on the arrow to open up a list of the posts with the option to Like, Comment or Share.

fb-page-open-postsListing of Posts on the PageLeft-Column Posts on Facebook PageDoes this answer questions you may have? Please leave comments in the “Leave a Reply” box below.  Other questions?  Ask them there in that space also.

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