How to Tag in Facebook for First Name Only

A tag is a link in Facebook. When you want a Facebook friend to see your post on his or her timeline, or be notified of a comment, you do the following:


1 – In the post section, type in @.  Then, as you type,  a of list of your friends’ names will start appearing.  Highlight the one you want address.


2 – The name will now be clickable and appear in blue. Not only will it go to your friend’s timeline, anyone reading the post will be able to click on it to get there also.

fb-tag33- Add your message after your friend’s name.

Lastly, there may be times, particularly in a comment reply, when you want to simply use the first name only of your friend and still have him or her notified of it.

I used to spend a lot of frustrating time, attempting to highlight and delete the last name.  Very often I deleted the whole name and had to start again.

Then the other day, by accident and almost miraculously, I discovered how easy it was to accomplish my goal.


4 – Simply put your cursor at the end of the name.  Click backspace, or delete, once and the last name will disappear, instantly.  Repeat if there is yet a second name to be eliminated before reaching the first name.

Thanks, Marifran Korb, for permission to use your name as the example here.

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