How to Upload or Change your Profile Photo in Facebook

Note – After posting these instructions and demonstration I learned of yet another even simpler way to create a profile photo. See  Facebook Profile Photos – Quick Way to Change.

Before leaving this page, though, be sure to check out this post  if you need assistance in finding “Help” in Facebook.

A friend wanted to change her profile photo in Facebook and her daughter was unable to explain it on the phone. She said she’d do it for her when she was at her mother’s house.

So many seniors today are not fortunate enough to have children or grandchildren, living close by to help.  Thus, I’m showing you where to find Facebook’s Help instructions.

Following are the steps to take for uploading or changing your profile photo, showing where on Facebook you can find the information.

Finding HELP on Facebook

Facebook Gear drop-down menu for editing setting

1 – Go to the top right of any page you are on in Facebook.

Click on the “gear” icon.

2 – At the bottom of the drop down menu that opens click on “Help.”

3 – Type your question into the Search Box.  In this case I did “Profile Photo”

4 – Select “How to upload a profile photo.”

You will have the option to “Take a Picture” (with your web cam or built in computer camera).

Follow the Instructions (as seen on the left) that opened up when you clicked on #4 above “How to Upload.”

Then, if you are using a photo from your own desktop, go back to #5 in the menu choices shown above to learn “How to Edit your profile picture” into the thumbnail size and shape that Facebook requires.

NOTE – The image on the left is meant to be a sample, not necessarily to follow for the directions.  And if you wish to see the text larger here, or on the menu that opens up in Facebook, click on Control + (Windows) or Command + (Mac).  You can also use the wheel on your mouse. Go forward to enlarge; toward you to reduce the size.

Note – Are you occasionally challenged, as I am, from time-to-time, remembering where on Facebook help is?

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