How to Upload Videos and Photos from iPhone to Facebook

In a reply to the post on how to email videos from iPhone, a reader commented that she wished she could send a video directly to Facebook from her iPhone.  In fact, it is a possibility and a very easy, and exciting, one.  You’ll see below you can even be doing some editing prior to uploading.

To post video to Facebook from your iPhone

1 – Go to your profile page in Facebook.  Look for the “Share Photo” button. It’s under “Friends” and next to “Write Post.”

2 – Tap “Share Photo” and your photo album opens.

3 – Tap on your desired video.

Share Photo Button on IphoneiPhone Photo Album







4 – Write Message in New Window

5 – Tap Globe for drop down menu

6 – Select Audience – who can view

7 – Then tap on Post button

iPhone - 3 steps to post Photo in FacebookiPhone photo to Facebook - Select Audience




iPhone Video to Upload to Facebook









To Edit and Post Photo to Facebook from iPhone Photo Album

1 and 2 – Same as above. Profile page and Share button.

3 – Select Photo – Click on Pencil bottom right to okay selection.

4 – Photo opens with editing tools on bottom. They include cropping, which brings up rotate option, and changing lighting.

Select Sunflower Photos from iPhone Photo albumsunflower photo and editing icons before posting ot Facebook







5 – Again, tap pencil to bring up window for message.

6 – Then tap “Post.”

Lighting Edit choices on iPhone Photo before uploading to FacebookSunflower photo from iPhone to Facebook








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