How to Use Photo Booth to Create and eMail Videos

The video above shows three options available when using Photo Booth on the Mac and iPad – photos, photo montage, and video.

I’ve had my MacIntosh computer with Photo Booth for over three years and it was only a few days ago that I made, what was for me, an exciting discovery.  We can actually email directly from Photo Booth the videos that we create with it.

So now I’m starting the practice of emailing birthday videos to family and friends. Here is one I created for you.

You’ll notice that throughout I maintained “eye contact” with you until the very end when I had to look down for the control button.  Now that I think of it, I could have positioned my mouse on the control and when ready to end, simply clicked my mouse without moving my eyes away from the camera.

The way, of course, to look directly at the recipient of your video is to focus your eyes on the camcorder.  If you don’t have a camera built into your computer, then you can purchase an inexpensive camcorder that you can clip onto it.

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