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A Fun Video and YouTube Transcripts
Screen Shot - Zoom Virtual BackgroundsMany of the posts on this site have included information and sharing about using to connect with family and friends. I use it frequently to create video tutorials. I got excited this week when I learned that we can now use our own art, or Zoom’s, for backgrounds.  Then in experimenting with it I was disappointed to learn that my computer does not have a strong enough processor.

 Nevertheless, I played with it and have fun every time I watch the video that resulted. Though I don’t know if you would have use for the service, I thought you might enjoy the fun of what you see. To view the video, tap or click on Fun with Zoom Virtual Backgrounds  or on the screen shot below.
A full explanation and links to Zoom for the how to’s are in the information box underneath videos on YouTube.
Speaking of videos, on to 
YouTube Transcripts – Available on computers only, not on mobile devices
Have you ever gotten frustrated wanting to capture the text of something said on a video you’ve watched and then not being able to find it?
Well, there is an easy solution to that!! Underneath any YouTube video a computer, you’ll find there are three links – Add toShare… and ••• More. Clicking on “More” brings up a dropdown menu. One of the 3 items listed is Transcript.
YouTube More - Drop Down Menu Transcript
Clicking on “Transcript” brings up the text for all that was said, as well as it could be interpreted by voice recognition.  Note also the numbers which allow you to go directly to that spot in the video.
YouTube transcript
Uses for the Transcript – 
I had forgotten about this and the other day, while struggling with writing an article, I remembered with delight the “transcript” benefit.  I was able to go to the video I wanted to feature, copy the text, edit and rewrite it to include what I wanted.
You can apply this to any video. It doesn’t have to be one of your own and you don’t need to be writing an article. You can use it to aid your memory.
If you missed something when watching the video, or it wasn’t clear when listening to it, the timeline markers on the the drag bar are noted in the transcript as you can see above. Can you see where this may be useful to you?
YouTube Questions – 
Do you have any questions on using YouTube? Creating your own channel? Uploading? or ??? If so please, reply to this email with your questions. Let me know also if for business or personal use.  I have 3 YouTube channels. One is totally unlisted for videos with friends. 

My first YouTube channel was and is is my first YouTube channel and includes a wide range of mostly Nature videos with more recently some technology video.

More recently, and loaded with videos, is Note the SF in the lower right which takes you to Subscribe to the channel and receive notifications when a new video is posted.

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