Learn Computers from Four Year Olds

Kaitlyn on computer at age 3Reminiscing, going back in time to when my almost 21 year old granddaughter was 3 years old – Computers were very different then, very basic and no games.  In the picture to the left, Kaitlyn was sitting at the computer, but she was merely posing for me. There were no games or activities that she could be doing.  I barely knew how to use the computer myself.

Fast forwarding – At a breakfast social yesterday I was talking to some seniors at my table about if and how they use computers.  One grandmother said the only reason she uses the computer is that her grandchildren insisted she be there, especially using Facebook so she could keep up with them.

She went on to tell a story about how, several years ago, her then-two-year old grandson, climbed on her lap and asked to use the computer.  With a nod from his mother, the grandmom asked what he wanted to do.

He said he wanted to play a game and asked her where the “floppy disk” was.  The one with whom I was speaking related that she was completely puzzled, never even having heard that term (this was some time ago). She got the needed help from her daughter. For the rest of the story, click here to see the short video.

In the meantime, in another video I share the comments of another grandmother at the same table. When I commented that my mentor states, “If you need help on the computer, wake a 6 year old up from his nap,” another grandmother stated that at 6 years of age children have already lost their patience for teaching their grandparents about computers.  She said to catch them at 4 years old.

Have you had any computer experiences with your grandchildren? Please share in the comments section below or write to me directly. Go to the very bottom of this page to click on my email address, easyseniortechnology [at] gmail.com.

I look forward to learning about your stories.

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