NBC NEWS Reports “Seniors Embrace Technology to Connect”

In a recent NBC Nightly News broadcast, Brian Williams introduced  reporter Chris Jansing who tells us that tech-challenged seniors are flocking to classes to get up to speed on social media so that they can more easily connect with friends and family.  She went on to say that 53% of all seniors are now online, and one-third of all seniors are using social media websites.

Jansing stated AARP estimates that roughly half of all grandparents in this country live more than 400 miles from their grandchildren. Thus more and more grandparents are using interactive websites, such as Skype, so they can keep in touch with their grandchildren.  They are each able to see one another them as they talk. Then there is the thrill of being able, over time, to watch them grow.

In addition to Skype, friends and family are also able to connect via Facebook video chat and Google hangouts (My added note, not mentioned in this broadcast. Click on the links to read more on this site about the latter two features)

In the video above, one grandmother in Ohio is shown using her phone to text her grandson who was no longer answering his phone.  She said that it’s “priceless” to get an “I love you” message from him.  Research is showing that being online is good for health and getting “tech smart” can improve cognitive ability.

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