Uploading Photos from iPhone to Flickr

Inspirational Sheila Flickr Photostream(Photo to the left is from my Inspirational Sheila Flickr Photostream.)

I was recently asked if I use the iPhone (and Android) Application for uploading photos directly to Flickr.

Flickr is one of the most widely used programs, by both professional and amateur photographers, for sharing and storing photographs.  The photos can be public or they can be designated for viewing by a limited audience. You select your own criteria.  Although I generally use it only when I’m facilitating a photo telecourse, I did immediately jump on to my iPhone to experiment with the application.

The steps for setting up and using the Flickr App with your Photo Album are:

Icon for Flickr App

1 – Go to the App store on your phone to search for and download the free Flickr application.


2 – Register it with Flickr using your Yahoo ID.  If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you can find the how-to post here on the How to Set Up Yahoo ID for email and other purposes.

iPhone Photo Album - All PhotosiPhone Photos Selection







3 – Open your Photo Album. Select one photo (see photo on right)

4 – When you select one photo you’ll see the “Send” icon on the lower left.  Tap on that and you’ll see several choices of locations to which you can send the photo.

Then tap “Next” in the upper right.

5 – You will have the option to swipe through your photos to select more than one.  Tap on each photo you want and a check mark will appear.  I suggest no more than 2 to 4 at a time. When you are satisfied, again tap “Next” in the upper right.

Select Flickr App Icon on iPhoneSelecting Photos to Upload to Flickr









A new screen opens, along with your keyboard, to type in the title of the photo (which you can add or change once it’s on Flickr).

Details for Posting Photo to Flickr

Choose a Set on Flickr for Uploaded Photos






You will be given a choice to upload it to a preexisting “set” if you have already created one or more, or you can leave the space blank.

Once you have entered a title and chosen a “set” (both optional at this point), simply tap on “Post” and wait.  You will get a quick notification on your phone that the upload is complete.
And you can go up to your Flickr account online –  http://flickr.com – Log in there also, if need be, and click on YOU in the upper left to get to your photos. I will do a future tutorial on using How to Use Flickr. It has drastically changed since I did a complete PDF tutorial last year, and before.

Lastly, if you’d prefer to listen to this tutorial you can click on the video below.  The same images are used in it as the ones above.  I simply talk you through it.

As always, I would appreciate your feedback in the “Leave a Reply…” box below.  What was most helpful for you in the above? Do you have further questions?

Is there more you would like to see on this Technology for Seniors Made Easy blog in relation to your working with your photographs.

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iPhone for Documenting Needed Information

Smartphone Monopod with iPhone - Water Meter on

Recently I discovered a couple of new uses for my iPhone in documenting things I want/need to remember.

One was to use the Voice Memo App for recording the “whooshing” sound being made in a toilet tank. So often noises we hear in our appliances or cars never seem to appear when we try to explain them to the repair people. It occurred to me if the sounds were recorded, they certainly could be shared with the service man when he came. As it turns out they were present when he was there and he could immediately see and show me what it was.  Nevertheless he was impressed with the recording.

The second actually relates to the first.

THE STORY – There had been an internal leak in the tank resulting in an unexpected large increase in the monthly water bill. The leak had actually consumed an additional 5000 gallons of water beyond customary usage.

Water Meter ClosedIn-Ground Opened Water Meter





Water Meter GaugeThis time, in order to have a meaningful conversation with a customer service person when I called the water company, I went out to my water meter to do a reading on the gauge.

I did not realize that only one of the two different dials was the meter for my home.  Concerned with how I’d remember the two sets of numbers by the time I got back into my house, I decided to pull the iPhone from my pocket, intending to type the numbers into a memo.

Then I realized it would be even simpler to use the iPhone camera to photograph the two dials. And, that’s exactly what I did, as I got down on my hands and knees to get clear pictures.

Back at my desk, I made note of the numbers. Then with three months of past invoices that I put into Evernote (process from web to note will be described in the next post), I was able to have an easy-to- understand and follow, satisfactory conversation with the rep.

When I went to gather images for this post, I decided it would be great to have a photograph showing the iPhone in action.  I did this with my iPad.  I could not figure out, though, how to manage getting down on my knees to replicate what I did for purposes of photographing with the iPad.

Then, while juggling the phone, switching hands to take pictures, I remembered I had a Smartphone Monopod that I could use to hold the phone steadier. This is what you see in the topmost photo here.

Ironically, I never thought to use the Monopod while doing the initial photos for the needed information when calling the Water Company Service department. How much easier it would have been!

What creative uses have you found for your SmartPhone? Please share with us in the “Leave a Reply … ” comments box below or send me an email at easyseniortechnology@gmail.com

Using the Internet to Easily Talk with Friends, Family, Business Associates

zoom-showingimages-titleimage-50My latest discovery for ways to EASILY talk to family, friends and/or clients, if you are in business, is ZOOM.us. When I read on Facebook that my friend Camara Randolph, on her iPad, had a session with a client while sitting on a park bench, I immediately went to check it out.  The program she was using is ZOOM, an application which can EASILY be used on computers, iPads and other tablets, as well as iPhones and other Smart Phones.

The added “wow” for me was Camara’s mentioning that she was able to share images  from her iPad with her client. I’d been wondering if there was an even easier way than Google Hangouts. I was so excited when I discovered it a few months ago. I was mainly drawn to it for the screen sharing possibility and then the fact that there could be up to 12 people in a Hangout, contrasted with only 2 people on Skype.

When working with my clients, I found it challenging to explain the different steps in the other seemingly more complex programs, especially since so often there are updates and changes. I was also frustrated because mobile phones and tablets did not seem to have all the capabilities on Hangouts as the more robust computer applications. In any case, “chat” was not possible in the latter, at least not in what I was able to find.

Zoom.us seems to be able to do it all – text chat, voice chat AND you also have the option to VIDEO RECORD. What a great way to have small family gatherings and preserve the memories for those there, as well as those who could not attend.

And, one of the most surprising features is that for 40 minutes, or less, of time spent together there is NO charge for the service.  If you want an unlimited amount of time for up to 50 people, then it’s only $14.99 per month. You can also choose a yearly plan which factors out to even less per month.

So, I invite you now to join me in understanding how to use ZOOM.us for your needs. The screen shots below will show you step by step and explain some of the variations with different Apple devices.  I’m assuming the PC and Androids would be similar.

Zoom eMail InvitationAs you you can see from the e-mail invitation above you can join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. There is a direct link to join on the email you will receive as an invited participant. The participant ID is also shown separately. You will need that if you choose to respond to the “Join Meeting” option.  Or, you can conference in by phone and be heard by everyone in the meeting as well as hear them.

When you click on “join a conference” on any of your devices you will be asked the first time only to download the ZOOM application.  It is amongst the quickest, easiest downloads I, and anyone with whom I tested this, have experienced.

How to Host a Meeting

First – Go to http://zoom.us and click on Free Account.

Zoom home page sign upThen click on Host a Meeting and Sign Up Free if this is your first time, or Log In.  All that’s required of first-time hosts is first and last name, email address and agreement to terms of service.  Participants responding to an invitation by link or conference ID do not have to sign up for anything.

After Logging In

Zoom Open Meeting Option Panel

What you see in the image on the right is the Dashboard with an Options Panel that will open on the right of the screen of the one who will be Hosting the meeting.

You can choose to Schedule a one-time meeting or it can be recurring. When using this option you will be given the choice of putting it on one of the major calendars and inviting from there, or you can choose to start with a Video Meeting or Screen Share Meeting.

Selecting Video will bring your image up on the screen.

Zoom - Portrait Video on Computer - Menu

If you do not see the menu on the bottom on the computer, place your mouse in the window and it will appear.  Tapping on the Window in Mobile Device brings up the Control Panel there.

You can now invite participants from the Invite link.

Zoom.us Email Invite ChoicesA window will open with options for Default Email, which will open up in your mail program,  Gmail or Yahoo Mail or you can click on Copy URL on the bottom for the “Invitation URL” and put the link in a Social Media post or wherever else it might make sense.

Using ZOOM features for both hosts and participants

Z00M - 3 way chat

In the process of going through all that I could to make it easy for you, I wound up having fun using all three of my Apple devices.  In the photo above are the “participants” I saw when on my Mac (the main view), my iPad and my iPhone. You see me chatting with myself! (Chat explained below.)

ZOOM - Screen Share Seen on the iPhoneScreen Sharing –
On the iPhone image to the right there is only one other participant photo on the bottom. The iPad had left the meeting.

What you are seeing in the  center of the phone image is the Screen Share being done by the  Mac participant.

To Screen Share on any of your devices, simply click or tap on “Screen Share.”

On your computer as seen below, an image of all of your open windows will appear. Simply click on the window you wish to share.

To share something on the Internet simply select an open browser.  Both host and participants can screen share.

ZOOM - Screen Share from the Mac


Screen Sharing on your Mobile Device – As you see from the image on the right, tapping “screen share” brings up a Menu.  Choices on a Mobile Device are to:
Share Photos,
Share from Dropbox,
Share from Box,
Share Web,
Share from Bookmark.

When you share from the web the participants will see all of your activity along with hearing any of your comments.

Sharing Travel Experiences – In my exploration of Zoom with a friend, I went to Flickr photo sharing service on the Internet. Though my friend’s PC does not have a camera,  she was able to follow my movement as I as I cycled through photos she had posted in her free account on FLickr. With excitement and delight, she talked about some of the highlights from a recent trip.  What a great way to share your trips or family events with those who could not be there. Everyone can see and ask and answer questions.

To Chat –
Zoom Chat Window - smallOn your Mobile device tap on “Participants“. A window with open with a list of all of the participants.  You can select one, or “Chat with All” (upper right on the phone or iPad)

On your Computer
the option is in the menu bar on the bottom of your screen.

ZOOM - Controls for Viewing Size of Screen

Ways of Viewing Participants (and Screen Shares)
You can choose whom you wish to see enlarged on your screen. Simply click or tap their image in the control panel.

As dialogue is going on, you can choose to be viewing the video of the person speaking either in small size or full screen.

1 – For a gallery view, where you see images of all the participants, click on the first of the two icons at the top right of your screen (as shown in the image above).

ZOOM - Gallery View
2 – On your computer, clicking on the icon in the far right of the control bar at the top will bring any image full screen. To go back to default size, use the escape button on your keyboard.

To Record the meeting – Simply click on the small record icon bottom right on the control bar.  To stop recording, click the button again or it will complete when the meeting ends.  Shortly thereafter an MP4 will be created and downloaded to your computer in whatever folder you’ve designated in your settings.

If a participant wishes to record, he/she will get a message to get permission from the host.

If any recording is to be done, I urge you to get permission of everyone in the meeting, especially if there’s a possibility that you might post it on YouTube or other public place.

Computer Settings for Zoom
You might never need to go to the Settings Control and I’m bringing it to your attention should you have challenges, especially in hearing someone talking or in their hearing you.

Clicking on Settings brings up the window shown below.  By default, the Built-in Speakers will show. Clicking on “Test Speaker”(and speaking) will show your volume in green.

If someone says they can’t hear you well, test your “Microphone” by speaking into your external microphone, or talking at your computer. Make sure you have the green bar moving well, toward the upper end.

Zoom Settings on Computer

Controls and Settings for Using Zoom

Using Zoom on PCs and Android Devices – I am assuming that the system and controls are pretty much the same and that you should be able to follow along from what’s been covered in this post.  If there is a big difference, please let me know.

To sign up for a FREE account for up to 60 people on an unlimited number of calls of up to 40 minutes, which includes the option to video and audio record the sessions, simply click or tap on ZOOM.

Lastly, I would appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the “Leave a Reply” box below, or email them to me at easyseniortechnology@gmail.com

Have you used Zoom.us or are you likely to now? If so, for connecting with family? friends? and/or business associates?
How do you plan to use it?

Also, do you have a parent, friend, or perhaps you, who would appreciate one-on-one support on learning/using any one of the electronic communication devices?  If so, I invite you to consider gifting them, or yourself, with one of my “Coaching Gift Packages”.  Click on Special Offer.


Swipe Controls – Using the new Apple iOS7 for iPads and iPhones

I recently purchased an iPad.  Very happy with it and in the interest of staying current, I immediately uploaded the new iOS7 as soon as the option for it showed up on my iPad.  I hadn’t really paid any attention to the buzz and announcements on what was coming up so I didn’t know what to expect. I immediately attempted using the iPad with the familiar tapping actions and it wasn’t working. Lots of frustration set in.

(To watch, click on arrow on the far left  below the video.)

My exploration for answers, as well as questions others were having, led to this blog post. The answers were so simple!! With the previous operations, “tapping” is the action that causes results. With iOS7 it is “swiping“.  This post addresses a few of the most used activities on our devices and the actions for managing them.

In the above video on “How to Use iOS7 on the iPad” you’ll see the ease of the “swiping” motions that I discuss. Below you’ll see individual explanations.

1 – CLOSING OPEN PROGRAMS – To extend your battery life,  be sure to regularly close applications you are not using.  In the earlier systems, double clicking on the home button brings up all your open programs in a row at the bottom of your device. Tapping on one  brings up minus signs in the upper left corner of each icon.  A single tap on that mark closes the program/window. Apple iOS 7.0 Home Page on iPadNow, in iOS7, when double clicking on the home button, we see the icons for all the open programs.  Plus we see the full the page images reduced. We can quickly find the one we want by swiping to our right, or left, once we’ve started.

In the iOS7 system, the magical thing  for closing the application is to simply put a finger or thumb on the window and swipe it up, out of the way.  It disappears almost instantly!

ios7 closing applications on iPhone and iPad

2 – Searching within Your iPad or iPhone – This was my biggest frustration.  The system I was using on my iPhone to get to Search just wasn’t working and I couldn’t find the answer. When pointing out my discoveries to my new friend Jim Bitz when I was in Tampa, Fl, this weekend, it became a mutual sharing of our learnings. He hadn’t yet realized some of what I had discovered.  On the other hand he had found the SEARCH. Thank you, Jim.

To do so yourself, simply place a finger anywhere on the home page and SWIPE DOWN on the full screen.  The “Search iPad” (or iPhone) space opens. To CLOSE simply swipe the page down OR up!

Search iPad or iPhone in iOS 7.0

3 – TRANSLUCENT CALENDAR OVERLAY – Those who use the calendar function are likely to find this new feature quite helpful.  Grab on at the very top of ANY of the pages and PULL DOWN – Your calendar will appear on top of whatever is behind it. With that open, you can SWIPE DOWN again and get the date, local weather and details of the event.

To close, simply swipe up on the centered slightly angled line at the very bottom of the page.

ios7 Showing Calendar in iPad of iPhoneios7- Details on the calendar

– I found this to be slightly more of a challenge to open.  Along the very bottom of your home page, or any other similar, “grab on” and pull upward. The new bar, as seen below, will open with controls (on the left) for your music and for volume in any of your sound operations.  On the right is the monitor brightness control.

On the iPhone, in addition to what’s mentioned above, other controls include the icons for flashlight and camera. To close this control center, simply swipe down on the angled line at the top of it.


5 – Lastly for this post, THE CAMERA – As mentioned above, one of the main reasons the new look and operating system was so hugely frustrating for me was that I could NOT do a video.  Once I figured it, out I saw how easy it is!  You simply swipe up or down to choose video, photo, or square, to photograph in a square format. And it’s a tap for HDR off or on.

The center button turns red when we’re in video mode.ios7 camera controlsNow, I’m so enjoying the new look and options on my iPad, I’m intent on deleting a lot of videos and photos on my iPhone to make the required available space I need there for the new system.

REQUEST – Please share your own experiences with iOS7 in the “Leave a Reply” section below and/or post your questions there. If there are challenges you are having, you may also send them to easyseniortechnology@gmail.com. I love searching for answers.

Leaving your with an IMPORTANT REMINDER – Before installing any operating system software updates be sure to back-up what’s currently on your iPad or iPhone.

Adding or Changing Your Profile About Information in Facebook

One of my new habits is checking Facebook for information on friends from whom I have not heard in a while. It seems that more and more frequently people are posting their challenges and ills, as well as a small celebrations.

So when I checked with a friend, querying information I had seen in her profile, she wrote me back that she had unsuccessfully attempted making changes.  For her, and anyone else with similar challenges, below are the step-by-step visuals for how to edit your information on Facebook. You can actually get at the pages you want to change from either your Profile page or the Home page.

On the Profile Page, click on either “Update Info” or “About”

Updating Information from Facebook Profile pageOnce in the About page, click on Edit in any of the sections you want to change.


You can also get to the editing from your Home Page

facebook-home-edit1When in your About Page, go to the section you want to be edited.

Click on Edit. Then make the Changes you wish in the boxes that open.  Be sure to Save Changes.

facebook-education-edit1   facebook-work-changes2

Have fun making your updates. Please share in the comments here, your experience of this post. Also what is it you most like about Facebook?  Please leave your responses in the “Reply …” box below

Protecting Pictures of Grandchildren and Children – Hide Locations in Smart Phones

Protect the privacy of your grandchildren and anyone else whose photos you upload online. I was recently shocked when I learned how fully hackers are able to track locations of people from pictures posted on the Internet.

If you are interested in privacy and security, the following NBCActionNews video is a “must-watch.” I’m not sure if there is much difference in the relevant technology since this interview was uploaded in November 2010. At the time, the officer interviewed called this “hidden threat” “today’s biggest risk online.”

Watch it and you will see that locations of bedrooms, schools, where the children hangout, and much more, were all trackable from information gleaned from online photos. Below the video you will see a tutorial on how to change Location Services settings in the iPhone and iPad to protect your loved ones from privacy invasion.

As you review the steps below, if you cannot easily find similar settings for your own smart phone, check out Wiki’s “How to Avoid the Potential risks of Geotagging.” This article points out that some digital cameras also geotag by default. In addition, you can do a web search for information on your specific phone model phone or camera.

How to Secure Your Settings on the iPhone (and iPad)
iPhone Settings - PrivacyLocation Services - iPhone

1 – Open Settings on your Home Screen

2 – Click on Privacy

3 – Click on Location Services

Location Services for All Apps in iPhoneiPhone Privacy Photo Settings

4 – A listing of all of your Apps will show up here

Turn OFF Camera and any photo associated Apps as well as any other app you wish not to have geotagged.  You can always give permission later if a specific App requires location services for an action you want to take.

IPhone Locations Services - Facebook Setting5 – Go back to Privacy under Settings and click on Photos (see above). Then click on all the Apps for which you want to disable location services.

Note on the top of this Photos screen it states: “Photos stored on your iPhone may contain other information such as when and where the photo was taken.”

With Facebook turned OFF I can no longer post photos directly from my iPhone.  I will keep this off, until I’m sure that turning Camera to OFF in Location Services was the full protection for which I am looking.  AND, I still should be able to upload to Facebook from my computer and maintain the privacy I set up in Step 4.

Watch for a follow-up to this post with a different video on geotagging.

Please share your experiences and questions in “Leave a Reply…” in the box below. As always, if you have any questions, leave them also in the “Reply” box or address them to me at easyseniortechnology@gmail.com

Use Google to Make Phone Calls from Gmail and Hangouts

The latest exciting Internet discovery, for me, is that you can make phone calls from your computers when in Gmail on the web. You can call land line and mobile phone numbers, as well as conference call lines. It’s as simple as clicking on a phone icon when logged into Gmail on the computer.

Google and Gmail Log In

You can call to, or from, anywhere in the US or Canada at no charge for the call.

You do need to have a built-in microphone in your computer, or a headset, if you want to be heard on the other end by your friend or family member. Those on their phones will come in loud and clear for you on your computer, so long as your volume is turned on.


Gmail Menu Showing Phone Icon

Go to http://google.com and log in. When done, click on the Gmail link along the top, under the url line.

(See How to Set up a Gmail Address, if you do not yet have one.)

When you are on your Gmail page, glance down the menu on the left side of the page.  Next to your photo, if you’ve uploaded one, or the blank image icon, you’ll see video camera icons and a phone receiver. The video cameras are for setting up Hangouts. (See end of this post.)


Google Phone Keypad
To make a phone call, simply click on the phone icon. (See previous image.) A numeric key pad comes up in the lower right section of the window.

Then tap in the digits of the phone number of the person or company you want reach. After the phone number is entered, tap “Call.”

If your family members, or friends, are ones who use Caller ID to screen calls, you might want to inform them in advance that they could be receiving calls from you that say “Unknown” along with a phone number.

Have fun and, if it’s a first for you, enjoy this new way of connecting

If you are not yet aware of them, Google Hangouts are one of the ways we can communicate face-to-face on the Web. Up to 10 people can be in a video “gathering.” This is a great way for family members and friends living in several different locations to be joining together for a visit.

One of the Hangout examples on this blog is that of Kelly Ripa and several others interviewing Michelle Obama on her commitment to children, nutrition and exercise. See Whitehouse Fireside Hangout with Kelly Ripa and Michelle Obama.

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4 – As always, if you have any questions, leave them in the “Reply” section or address them to me at easyseniortechnology@gmail.com

To continuing joyful connections.

Downloadable Audio Books – Using Your Public Library from Home

Palm Beach County Library ServicesThis past week I once again ventured into new territory for me. I wanted to talk about technology and library  services so, of course, I had to try them myself. How glad I was that I did!

I had a 4 1/2 hour road trip scheduled, so it was a good opportunity to try something new. In the past, I would have gone to the library to check out one or more books on CDs. It makes the trip more enjoyable, for me, and time passes much more quickly as I drive when listening to a good story on CDs. This time, instead of taking time out to go to my branch library, I chose to visit the County Public Library system on my computer. Then I took advantage of the opportunity to download two audio books from the Internet and put them on my iPod. (One totally delightful one was with Betty White reading her latest book. Details and an audio clip at the end of this post.)

As I was visiting, I started paying more attention to what really great services are offered,  especially for those who might be home bound! The services include both downloadable music and audio books, as well as print books in several different formats. The latter can be read on your computer, Kindle, Nook, iPad or other Tablet, as well as on your phones.

All that’s necessary to borrow materials, in the library and online, is a library card. When you find what’s available, in whatever medium you want, simply follow the instructions for borrowing; then download the specific audio or ebook for the specified time period.  The system will automatically remove it from your computer on the due date.  You can always go back the next day to borrow it again, so long as there is not a hold on it.

Available products listed in the Palm Beach County Library System – http://www.pbclibrary.org/ – are:

1 – Books, CD, & DVDs
2 – eBooks & Audiobooks
3 – Downloadable Music
4 – Magazines & Newspapers
5 – Articles & Information
plus many Events and Classes

Wondering, are Computer Download Services are available to you?
To see if a public library near you has downloadable material, you can check out http://www.overdrive.com/ This is the service to which the Palm Beach County Library subscribes for electronic delivery of Audiobooks.

Overdrive services for downloadable audiosWhen you go to Overdrive you’ll see a Search box in the column on the right. Enter your zip code to find the closest library to you that uses their services.

Cloud Library for eBooks Find Your Library in Search at Bottom of Left Column

Cloud Library for eBooks. Find Your Library in Search at Bottom of Left Column on the Cloud Site.

3M Cloud Library is another service that provides downloadable eBooks. Check http://3m-ssd.implex.net/cloudapps/ to see how it works and what might be available in your area.

Routine Online Library Services

In conclusion, in the event that you may not be fully aware of the more routine services your library might provide, summarized below are the main services of which I have been taking advantage prior to this:

1 – Before jumping to buy a book that interests me, I’ve gotten into the habit of first logging into my library to see  if the book is available in one or more of the branches.

2 – If it is, I put a reservation/hold on it.

3 – The library then notifies me by email when it’s available. I do have to drive to my closest branch to pick it up.

4 – Once charged out I get notified two or days before the due date.

5 – I will often renew books online, up to 3 times, if there is not another hold on it.

6 – And, if I forget to return it, the library sends a friendly reminder.

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If You Ask Me - on Overdrive.com Site. Click to hear audio clip from there.

If You Ask Me – on Overdrive.com Site. Click to hear audio clip from there.

Lastly, in the beginning of this post I promised to share the audio books to which I listened in the long car ride I took across the state.

The first was Betty White reading her “If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t)”.  What a delightful book, especially so, listening to her read/talk it!

Click on her photo above to hear the clip from the Overdrive Site. In the beginning of the clip Betty quotes George Burns with a funny statement he made on his writing books.  As for herself she declares, “Writing is my favorite thing.”

At the end of this short clip, White states: “Old age isn’t for sissies.  I can’t believe I’m getting old.  Why do people ever say ‘Happy Birthday!’”

Source – http://palmbeach.lib.overdrive.com/AE57EFC3-148D-4537-8766-8DADCD92B47E/10/50/en/ContentDetails.htm?id=9FBEE004-138A-4621-937A-1BF53CE92ADF

This book was only 2 1/2 hours. The rest of the trip and into 4 hours after I got home I enjoyed, “The Best Defense” by Kate Wilhelm.

Again, your comments and experiences are welcome in “Leave a Reply…” below.

Recording Birthdays in iPhone Contact Book and Calendar

 If you’d like to listen to the instructions, as well as read them, click on the arrow. To PAUSE, click on the two parallel vertical lines. Click again to resume listening.

Continuing from the last post “How to Add Birthdays in Your Address Book and to iCal on the Mac“, adding birthdays to your Contact List in the iPhone is quite simple.

1 – Select the Contacts icon from your Home Page. Tap to Open.


2 – Tap on + Sign on new opened page or Tap Edit on an Existing Contact’s Page

iPhone - Add Contact3 – Scroll down to Add Field

iphone-add-field4 – Tap to Open added Field. Scroll down to Birthday Field.

Birthday Field in iPhone Contact Card5 – Tap to open the Birthday Field.  Three  “wheels” will open. Select the desired month, day, year.

iphone-contact-birthdayenteredTo protect my friends and family members privacy, should other people be checking my iPhone, I usually like to scroll down to the dashes and not include the year.

IPhone Birthday Field - No Year

6 – Competed Contact Card with the information I entered here.

iPhone Contact Complete7 – Finally, you can Check your CALENDAR to see that the birthday has been included as an Event.

iPhone Contact Birthday in CalendarThe dot under the date confirms that there is an “event” that day.  Tapping it, turns it blue and opens it, revealing the birthday. Tapping on the text opens up the Contact’s page.

And, of course, you can SEND a text message from there or FaceTime your friend or relative from here.

Once I’m reminded of the birthday, I like to do a quick video using my iPhone directed to me, singing Happy Birthday directly to my friend or relative. Then I text (or email) it directly from the Photo/Video album.

Send Text Message from iPhone Contact pageThis contact’s birthday will remain noted on that day in your calendar, year after year, unless you alter or delete it.

Enjoy the fun and ease of remembering dates that are important to you and your loved ones. You might consider ADDING another Field for noting some “likes”, or ideas for gifts, if you will be giving that person a gift.  You can go in any time and do that.

Please share your experiences below in the LEAVE A REPLY box. Was this new information for you? Are there other fields that you add to your contacts with specific types of information?

As always, if you have any questions, you can leave them in the box or address them to me at easyseniortechnology@gmail.com



Add Birthdays in Address Book and iCal Calendar on Mac Computer

I love when people ask questions of Technology for Seniors Made Easy. It’s the best way for me to learn new information or review that which I already know.

This morning I was asked how to make note of birthdays in the calendar in the Mac computer and iPhone.  If set up to do so, they will pick up in both when your iPhone gets synchronized with your computer and vice-versa.

There are two ways birthdays can be added, either through your address book or directly in the calendar.

Adding Birthdays by Choice in Address Book

Below are the steps to create a permanent Birthday Field that will be on the form whenever you add a new contact

 Mac Address Book Preferences - Add Field1Open your Address Book and select Preferences.

2 Open the Add Field menu that will be in the new window

3 – The Add Field drop down menu opens

4Select Birthday

5 – The Birthday Field will now be on all the cards for all new contacts you add to the Address Book.

Once you do that, if you want birthdays for people already in your address book, then you’ll need to go in and enter the field on each of the contacts whose birth dates you want to remember.

To Add Birthdays to Individual Contacts in Your Address Book

Follow the steps below the image:

mac-address-book-add-field-6001Open the Address Book and Click on Card in the top Tool Bar. Select Add Field from the drop down menu that opens.

2Click on Birthday in the new window.

Add  Birth Date in Mac Address Book

3Select the Date from the birthday section that opens


The selected birth date will now appear on the individual contact’s name and be recorded in iCal calendar if you select that option.

To have Birthdays appear in your iCal Calender

iCal Preferences - Adding Birthdays

1Open iCal and Select Preferences.

2On the window that opens in General settings, simply choose “Show Birthdays in calendar.” iCal will now automatically enter birthdays on the designated days in your calendar.

See next post [yet to come] for How to Add Birthdays in Your iPhone.