Recording, Storing and Sending Voice Memos Using Evernote

 Today I want to share my excitement around Evernote, a free software program that you can download from the web. It can be used to quickly save notes, recipes, memos, documents, photos and much more.

I love using Evernote and I love, love, love making new discoveries and then sharing them. This morning as I was doing my daily journaling it occurred to me that I might be able to record audio notes to myself and store them by category in Evernote.

One of the benefits I have enjoyed on my iPhone is the Voice Memos feature.  The challenge has been remembering what I record.  If I don’t label it immediately it gets lost in a long list of memos on my phone.

 As soon as I finished my journaling this morning I went to my phone, opened Evernote, clicked on the microphone icon and did a quick recording. You can also record from your computer. A little icon showed up when I was finished recording and it remained on the “new note” I had created.

Then I noticed the curved arrow, clicked on it and discovered I could email the recording, post it to Facebook or Twitter, or grab a web URL for it.

I immediately emailed it to myself, to test it, and then  to some friends. In my MacIntosh email program the recording icon was right in the body of the email as I’m show below.


 Some friends who received my email had to open the attachment and download it.

You can also send one to Facebook. There was the option to send it to Twitter.

Finally there was a “copy share URL to clipboard” and I got this url. Click the latter to hear the audio which I recorded directly on my computer.

In conclusion, one of the reasons I love Evernote so is that I simply title a note or notebook and it’s automatically “saved”, nothing more to click on.

You do NOT have to determine where to save it on your computer,  in which folder, and then remember where I filed it.

May you, too, find the ease and joy that I’m having in using this program.

(Note – Watch for post on sharing Evernote message and audio on Facebook.)

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