Renewing Registrations Online – Saving Time and Gas and Laughing at Ourselves

Sometimes the best thing we can do is laugh at ourselves. We can complain, beat ourselves up for not doing or knowing something, or chalk it up as a learning experience. Today was such a day for me.

My  car registration was past due, given the expiration date is our birth day in Florida as well as in other states. I was sure I had sent in a check and my registration had yet to come in the mail. I spent several minutes, a couple of times a day, for the past week checking with my online banking to see if the check had been deposited.

Nope. So finally today, I took the time to travel the 20 plus minutes, one way, to motor vehicle registration, waited on two lines. When my turn came, the process was quick. I wrote a check, got the paper work and then, rather belatedly, asked if I could have done this online

A resounding, “Yes!” Wow, did I feel small. Here I am teaching Technology for Seniors and I NEVER thought to Google for this service. I am pretty sure that I did look at the paperwork before I sent it in to see if I could register online. I didn’t see anything so didn’t pursue it.

So, when I got home.. too late for me this year, I did Google, “how to renew my car registration in Florida”. Any combination of words will work. Several links came up and I clicked on one the official links to test it out, up to the point where I already was updated. (DMV for Department of Motor Vehicles). I  Googled this for other states also and similar links came up.

Bottom line to this story is to remember to SEARCH the WEB for the easiest, most cost effective (time wise anyway) solutions to renewing licenses, paying bills and any other action you are about to take.

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