Scheduling Appointments and Filling Out Paperwork Online

Phone on CalendarI’ve gotten into the habit of using the Internet when I want business phone numbers. As a result, this morning I had a most surprising and delightful, time-saving, experience.

I needed to make an appointment for a follow-up blood test. I hadn’t made note of the lab’s phone number in my address book, so I went to their website to find it. Lo and behold, I saw that I could schedule the appointment online!

It was so easy. I’m sure that anyone, including newbies to using the Internet, could handle it, without even having any kind of tutorial.  I don’t know if the laboratory you may use offers the same service. It’s certainly worth checking out. LabCorp is the on with whom I set my appointment.

The added bonus, for me, was that I was also given the chance to fill out the “standard” paperwork online. Supposedly there will be no more forms to fill out when I get there.

I love making discoveries. Are there any you would like to share?  If so, please add them in the Leave a Reply box below.

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