Setting the Alarm in Your iPhone

In one of my first posts here I mentioned how frustrated I was when I first got my iPhone.  Since I did not readily see it, I thought there was not an alarm clock.  How easy once I found it.

Click on the arrow to see a demo or read the text underneath the video.

Simple Steps to Setting Your Alarm after turning on your phone:

1 – Find the Clock icon.  You’ll note mine was, by default, in the Utilities folder.
2 – Tap on the Clock.
3 – Tap on Alarm icon at the bottom of the screen.
4 – Tap on Plus sign in the upper right
5 – Slide your finger on the numbers to select Time – hour, minutes, AM or PM
6 – You’ll be at Add Alarm screen
7 – For a one-time alarm, leave the Repeat on Never
8 –  If you wish the alarm to be at the same time on more than one day, tap Repeat to open it
9 – Tap on the days you want the alarm to go off at the selected time
10 – Tap Save in the upper right
11 – Tap on Back to get to main screen
12 – To add weekend or a different day or set of day, change time and
13 – Tap Repeat again to bring up the listing of days
14 – Tap on SOUND to bring up the menu for what tone or sound you would like to hear when the alarm goes off
15 – When satisfied, tap on Save in upper right

16 – If you wind up with unwanted times on the page that comes up, tap Edit on upper left.
17 – To delete tap on white minus sign in red circe(s). Then tap the Delete button.

Finally, tap on Done button in upper right.  Check that the time correctly state your choice of AM or PM and that ON has been selected unless you want it off.

Happy sleeping and waking.

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