Uploading Photos from iPhone to Flickr

Inspirational Sheila Flickr Photostream(Photo to the left is from my Inspirational Sheila Flickr Photostream.)

I was recently asked if I use the iPhone (and Android) Application for uploading photos directly to Flickr.

Flickr is one of the most widely used programs, by both professional and amateur photographers, for sharing and storing photographs.  The photos can be public or they can be designated for viewing by a limited audience. You select your own criteria.  Although I generally use it only when I’m facilitating a photo telecourse, I did immediately jump on to my iPhone to experiment with the application.

The steps for setting up and using the Flickr App with your Photo Album are:

Icon for Flickr App

1 – Go to the App store on your phone to search for and download the free Flickr application.


2 – Register it with Flickr using your Yahoo ID.  If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you can find the how-to post here on the How to Set Up Yahoo ID for email and other purposes.

iPhone Photo Album - All PhotosiPhone Photos Selection







3 – Open your Photo Album. Select one photo (see photo on right)

4 – When you select one photo you’ll see the “Send” icon on the lower left.  Tap on that and you’ll see several choices of locations to which you can send the photo.

Then tap “Next” in the upper right.

5 – You will have the option to swipe through your photos to select more than one.  Tap on each photo you want and a check mark will appear.  I suggest no more than 2 to 4 at a time. When you are satisfied, again tap “Next” in the upper right.

Select Flickr App Icon on iPhoneSelecting Photos to Upload to Flickr









A new screen opens, along with your keyboard, to type in the title of the photo (which you can add or change once it’s on Flickr).

Details for Posting Photo to Flickr

Choose a Set on Flickr for Uploaded Photos






You will be given a choice to upload it to a preexisting “set” if you have already created one or more, or you can leave the space blank.

Once you have entered a title and chosen a “set” (both optional at this point), simply tap on “Post” and wait.  You will get a quick notification on your phone that the upload is complete.
And you can go up to your Flickr account online –  http://flickr.com – Log in there also, if need be, and click on YOU in the upper left to get to your photos. I will do a future tutorial on using How to Use Flickr. It has drastically changed since I did a complete PDF tutorial last year, and before.

Lastly, if you’d prefer to listen to this tutorial you can click on the video below.  The same images are used in it as the ones above.  I simply talk you through it.

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