Uploading Photos to Existing Album on Facebook – Editing Info

Continuing from the first video on adding photos, the above video tutorial shows how to upload  and add photos to your already existing photo albums in your Facebook account. Also shown is, how to edit the album title.

To add photos:

1 – Go to your Timeline page and click on Photos (under your Timeline photo.
2 – Click on Albums, upper bar on the far right.

3 – Select the Album to which you wish to add photos.

4 – If you wish to edit previous descriptions or titles, while photos are uploading, click on Edit

5 – On page that comes up, first click on Add Photos and the top right.

6 – In the pop-up screen that opens showing your computer, find the location where your photos are. Open the folder, then hold down your keyboard Control Key (on PC) or your Command Key (Mac). Then move your mouse pointer to select and (left) click on each of the photos you wish to include in the album.

To Edit While You Wait
7 – While uploading check your title name, top left – name the album if you’ve not already done so, add a description (optional), and then add descriptions if you wish to the photos already there and then to the ones you’ve just added. You can at any time come back and make changes.

8 – To delete any of the photos from the album,
go to the photo, move your mouse to the top right corner.  A small check mark will appear. Click on that and select Delete Photo from the drop down menu that comes up.

9 – To Rearrange Photos in the album, click on photo you want to reposition. Hold down the mouse and drag it to the the place where you would like it to appear.
You can thus determine the order, or sequence, of the slideshow that you or a visitor can see.

See How to View Photos in a Slideshow in Facebook, for my post on how to navigate through photos once one is opened.

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