Uploading Photos to Facebook – Creating Photo Albums

The video below demonstrates how to upload your photos to Facebook and create albums there.

In a phone conversation with a follower of Technology for Seniors Made Easy, I learned that she did not know how to upload photos to Facebook. She had attended some important family events and was anxious to share her photos with family and friends.  I explained in detail. The next day, by visiting her Facebook page, I learned that she was able to upload them individually. She wrote, though, that she could not upload more than one at a time.

Uploading Photos to Facebook

1 – Go to either your Home or Your timeline page.

2 – Just above where you would type a “What’s on your mind” message is a “Photo” link. Click on that.

3 – Then choose “Upload Photos/Video” Select photo from window that pops up. (See Uploading to Existing Album post for instructions for adding more than one photo from a list, or Step 6 below)

4 – You will be directed back to your page where you’ll see the photo.  You can click on space with + plus sign to add another photograph.

5 – Add a description (optional).  You can always add one when editing later, or make a comment. In the video I mention tagging my friend Blaise Allen who took the photo. When I “tag” her, she will be notified about the post.

6 – To Create a Photo Album go back to a new message window and click on “Create Photo Album” and add photos by

7- Add Title and Description.  You can add, edit, change at any point in time. See Adding to Facebook Photo Albums.

8 – Shown in the video, there is also an option to Share the Album, with any of your Facebook friends.

9 – In the video I start showing where and how to find the information in Facebook’s Help menu. As I was doing this video I saw the location of the information had changed since I had checked it out the day before. Thus the momentary confusion you hear in the video.

For an updated blog post, and video, here on how to search in Facebook, see Search for Upload Photos Help.

You can find a continuation of this post on how to add additional photos to the same album by clicking on Adding to Facebook Photo Albums .

Note – The sounds you hear, from time-to-time in the background, are from Facebook’s notification system. They are letting me know that new messages from Friends have been posted on my wall.

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