Use Phone, Camera, or Computer Video for Celebration and Preservation of Special Occasions

One of the main things I am committed to in my Technology for Seniors Made Easy business is that people be able to easily use technology so that they can connect with one another, including actually seeing people important to them.

I have written here blog, in the past about using the phone and video to preserve memories. I was really moved the other day to received the following message for a friend, with this video attached.  I have regularly been using my iPhone and sometimes Photo Booth in my Mac to send birthday and anniversary greetings to friends and family members. And my friend went all out in this video to her mother on the latter’s 91st birthday.

The above video was done with Photo Booth.  The same friend wrote the following to me, along with a different video:

“ONLY because of YOU YOU YOU YOU… did I make my mother some videos and she LOVES getting them. I sent a special one for her 91st birthday!!

I LOVE sending Video cards now!! And people LOVE getting them even More than a regular card they tell me!! THANKS AGAIN for your endless Patience with me until I was ready!!”

And, last night, another friend to whom I sang Happy Birthday in an iPhone message wrote:

“That was a beautiful video, you’ve got such a great voice. [I was always told I couldn’t carry a tune!]  I am so moved that you sang to me, just like all my sisters and family!

I loved it! It was the cherry on the cake of my day!”

This is only the tip of the iceberg. What if you were to regularly be recording these special moments, including holiday celebrations?

For sure, you wouldn’t  be left like I was/am ruing the fact that with all my knowledge and ability to do it, I do not have anything with my late husband’s voice… something I so miss not having.

At least now I know enough and have the simple tools to preserve family memories.

As seen and heard in the above video recording, my two sons and one of my grandsons, were able to share the last night of our holiday together, from three different locations. Note, one son did not have a digicam, so you’ll see an icon when he speaks.

We got on a meeting and I simply pushed a button to record it.

On February 24th, in my weekly Monday, Evolving Seniors FREE Hour Q and A calls, I will be showing ways you can do the above, preserve and send these celebrations and memories. Get details on the EVOLVING SENIORS page.

If you’ve missed this session, register anyway to get details of future sessions. Then email me a request for the recording of the 2/24/14 meeting.

Reply to me from the welcome email with the request, or email me at with that request or with any other questions you’d like to see addressed here on this blog or in that weekly gathering.

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