White House Google+ Fireside Hangout with Michelle Obama and Kelly Ripa

Earlier this week, when I was researching for my  blog post on using Google+ Hangouts for videos and postings on YouTube, I discovered something which added to my fascination with the whole “Hangout” process.

Kelly Ripa, TV talk show host, along with six other participants, interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama in a Fireside Hangout on Google+ (click on the link or video image to see it). Included among the six other interviewers was a classroom full of young students.

White House Fireside Google+ Hangout - Kelly Ripa Interviews Michelle ObamaAnd this was not the only White House video done in this way. Kelly announced at the beginning of the presentation, that in the previous month, she had interviewed the President and Vice-President in another Google+ Fireside Hangout.

What great possibilities for Seniors and all of our friends and family! I am still fascinated with the potential and excited that we, the lay people, can also “play” in this field.

Should you wish to test a Google+ hangout with me, I invite you to email me at easyseniortechnology[at]gmail.com with a request. Since I’m not always at that address for instant access, send an email first, rather than a Hangout invitation, and we can set something up.

I am planning to use this process for tutorials on the blog and with individuals and groups. To learn more about how you can set up and use the Google+ hangouts, click on Hangouts and YouTube Video.

Note – For a summary of what was said in the broadcast, see the Huffington Post write-up – Michelle Obama Google Hangout: The First Lady On Her Favorite Post-Exercise Snack and Let’s Move.

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