Why Facebook for Seniors


In September 2012, Facebook had over ONE BILLION active users, according to Wikipedia, “The Free Encyclopedia.”

And there are some seniors who still think of Facebook as something “the kids” do. So, “What can YOU do with Facebook?

The answer is, “Just about everything!”

Facebook is a place where you can interact with a grandchild, a friend (old or new), a loved one…a business and so much more.

You can find the healthy foods friends are recommending….the missing ingredient for a recipe… or a friend’s favorite for your special feast… find out who starred in the “Three Faces of Eve”(or any movie — old or new) and how your friends ranked  it…what’s going on with a friend or family member…satisfy your curiosity by discovering whatever happened to the guy or gal you loved back in high school…even how to format a web page. (Yes, Facebook works with businesses, too).

More specifically, for me:

1 – Groups -On a Saturday night,  I was in need of some how-to information on formatting a web page. I posted my question in a Facebook business group and an expert responded almost immediately.

2 – Family Happenings
In order to keep up with our granddaughter’s activities in Moscow as an exchange student, her maternal grandmother signed up, for the first time, to use Facebook.

I learned through a post on my Facebook wall (where our “friends” posts show up) that a cousin of mine was in the hospital. I was able to “message” her daughter privately, get more information and ultimately be directed to another site where updates were being posted regularly.

3 – Friend Updates
When I haven’t heard from a friend by email or phone for a while, I routinely check his or her Facebook page before calling to see what activity they’ve been in.

Sometimes I find I get quicker response by messaging them on Facebook than by using email or phone. Or I’ll message and say, “Check your email or phone messages for one from me.”

4 – Finding and Connecting with Old Friends
Interestingly for me, I’m finding that many of my peers (in the 70 year old age range) are not yet on Facebook.

Consider might there be people in your past life looking for you, people with whom you might like to reconnect?

5 – Former Students or Business Associates
Though a lot of my peers may not be using Facebook, it’s been fun for me to connect with former students to whom I art in elementary school almost 40 years ago.

You’ll be very pleasantly surprised at all you CAN do with Facebook.

Technology For Seniors Made Easy will help you get past your fears of Facebook and allow you to experience and ENJOY a whole world of information that’s available for you and your business.

And, if you are wondering about history:
Facebook, the major social networking site today, was officially launched in February 2004, having been started by a Harvard student on 2003. It’s come a long way.

See  the How to Use Facebook for specific posts. Watch for more upcoming posts.  Coming soon, a video on “How to Sign Up for Facebook.”

If you are not currently signed up and want to jump ahead, see images below.

How to Sign Up for Facebook:

1 – Go to Facebook.  Type facebook.com into the address bar. A page with a header similar to one below should open up.


2- Fill in the Form that appears on the same page.  If there is not a form there, click on Sign Up and you will get to a new page with the form.

Note in the image to the left I point to text that’s blue.

They are links that explain Facebook’s terms and policies and answer the “why’s” to questions you may have.

When you complete the form and “sign up,” you will be agreeing to their terms of service.

Be assured that once you get in you will have control over your Privacy Settings and Who Can See What on your pages.  Among other things your birth date does NOT have to be displayed.

I will be demonstrating how to manage different Facebook settings in future posts.

Have fun and happy connecting.



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