Writing Emails that People Read

Do you want people to read your emails?

In the above video, Racheli Smilovits, “Your Favorite Marketing Tips Guru” demonstrates the elements of an email that will make it easy for people to read your messages. Racheli is also Vice-President of Technology for Women in eCommerce (WECAI.org).

Although this was videoed for an audience of business women, the points made are important, especially for those of us seniors who are impatient or challenged with reading dense pages.

Racheli points out there are three ways to write an email:

  • Writing across the entire width of the body of your email.
  • Typing in narrow columns. Racheli suggests typing 21 “W”s (the letter) to set the visual for the ideal column measurement. Type until you get to the end of what would be the line. Hit “return” to continue on.
  • Making bulleted lists of our main points.  You’ll hear me in the background at the end, asking where to find the way to do a list.

Checking further, I noted in my Mail program on my MacIntosh computer that there are choices for this under the Format drop-down menu.

In other mail programs it’s in a tool bar.   I will discuss this in-depth in another post.

At the end of the video, Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder and CEO of WECAI, asks about font (or type) and size to be used.  Racheli states, “Arial 12”.  My own preference is Verdana – a little more open.  Some email programs may simply give you the choice of “Serif” on “Non-Serif”.  For web reading ALWAYS use Non-Serif.

There will be a future post on this also. You can also check the Glossary page on this site, Technology for Seniors Made Easy, for a further explanation.

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